Your Post Holiday Reset
Your Post Holiday Reset
14th Aug, 2017
IIt’s easy to fall off the bandwagon while on holiday, what with airport meals, piña coladas and not a single home cooked meal. Not to mention our motivation levels seeming to peak at swanning around on inflatable swans. And this down time is COMPLETELY FINE. A few days of indulgence is not going to do any lasting damage, so long as we make sure to regain the balance post-holiday. Here’s how.

Get Back Into a Routine
We humans are creatures of habit, so there's nothing better to get you back on track after a holiday than simply getting back into your normal routine. That's eating meals at the normal times that you would. Getting a goods night sleep each night. Booking onto your regular spin class Thursday lunchtime.

Nourish the Soul
Whenever I get back from a holiday, the first thing I cook is a lentil soup. I literally sit on the plane thinking about how I can't wait to eat it. This Ayurvedic dish is great for digestion, and lentils include all sorts of beneficial nutrients such as magnesium, iron, vitamins and minerals.

Sweat Outdoors
While we can't guarantee the sunshine you might experience while on holiday, our Sunset Sweats series was set up to celebrate our longer summer days. If you close your eyes you could almost be doing that yoga pose on the beach. Next week we've got Hatha Yoga with Ariadne Kapsali, followed by Ballet Blast with Naturally Sassy the following week.
Love Yourself

Lydia McCall is a Certified Health Coach who helps women heal their relationship with food and ditch the negative self talk. She says it's time to start practising some self love.

How to combat Winter skin

Winter is tough on all skin types; cold winds, cranked up central heating and low humidity all take their toll – particularly on skin prone to sensitivity. So we asked the lovely people at Pai to tell us how to combat Winter Skin.

My Day on a Plate, Lily Simpson founder of Detox Kitchen

So this is me on a good day. And I tend to try and have a few more good days in the lead up to a holiday, because let’s face it, everyone wants to look and feel good on holiday.

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