Super Mama Series - Madeleine Shaw
Super Mama Series - Madeleine Shaw
30th Oct, 2017
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To celebrate the launch of our Mama package, in collaboration with Nutritional Therapist Amelia Freer, we will be inviting our favourite super mamas to trial the package, and answer some questions on how to balance business with babies! Kicking off the series is Author and Nutritional Therapist, Madeleine Shaw.

1) How do you balance running your own successful business and parenting?

I’m new to it but I have a nanny two days a week where I try and get all my content creation done and also have my meetings. Then during my son's naps in the day I’ll be on emails and social media. It’s hard work and you don’t get much down time but I find I’m more focussed as I know I can’t procrastinate.

2) What advice would you give other mums looking to start their own business, whilst caring for a little one?

Start slow, get your little one into a routine, it will be great for knowing when you can work or schedule a call. Delete any apps that distract you. I love working on our morning walk while he is strapped to me in his ergo baby, he’s asleep and I have 2 hours to make calls and do emails.

3) How do you relax / wind down?

I love baths and reading, for me that is the ultimate wind down with a face mask on too!

4) What does a typical 'day on your plate' look like?

I love smoothies for breakfast- berries, spinach, protein powder, almond milk and collagen, it’s just easy and Shay loves the noise of the Nutribullet. Lunch is usually a salad of salmon, roasted veg, quinoa and green leaves. I love to have a coffee with oat milk too. I’m not a big snacker but if I do it’s a juice, tumeric latte or nuts. Dinner is usually a Thai curry with sweet potato and brown rice or something warm.

5) What's your one vice?


6) What's your favourite go-to family recipe?

Chicken and chickpeas my mum always makes it and it’s so good!

7) What was your highlight from the Mama package?

The cashew milk, it’s so good!

8) What's one parting piece of advice you would give to mums struggling to look after themselves amidst the 'do-it-all' generation of mums?

Just do as much as you can. Don’t spend time beating yourself up, it doesn’t help anyone.

For more information on the Mama package, you can visit our sister site at, or to book, visit the Packages page of our website.

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