18 in 18 - The LuluLemon guide to setting goals in 2018
18 in 18 - The LuluLemon guide to setting goals in 2018
8th Jan, 2018
Setting goals is the best way to live your best life. Which is why lululemon have come up with 18 in 18, an easy framework to start your goal setting journey – it’s simple but powerful.

Setting goals doesn’t need to be complicated or intimidating, just think about what you really want for this year. The act of writing a goal down makes it 10 times more likely to happen - so, what have you got to lose?

How to set your 18 in 18

Get moving

We love endorphins. These little exercise-induced chemicals improve your mood, productivity and improve focus. Shake off the day with a walk, yoga session or dance-off and sweat yourself into a good headspace before you start your 18 in 18.

Keep it personal and decisive

Your goals are all about you after all. Starting with “I” makes your goal personal, which means you’ll feel more responsible for it. And, keeping to powerful, decisive statements like “I will,” “I do,” and “I am,” means that you’ll be able to see yourself succeed.

Stay positive

Turn a negative into a positive, and you’ll end up gaining instead of losing. For example, rather than saying, “I will stop being too hungover to leave the house on Sundays”, say “I will go for brunch with my friends every Sunday”. That way it’s more fun, and you’ll be more likely to stick to it.

Size matters

18 goals might feel like a long list at first. Get yourself warmed up with things that you’re sure you’ll do and then work up to the big stuff. Some of your goals should feel scary, they should stretch you. Think of how amazing you’ll feel when you get to celebrate achieving them.

Make it manageable

Some big life goals that you’re working towards might not happen in a year. So, break them down into smaller steps that will help you get there. For example, if you want to become a business mogul or build your own house, set a goal to take the first step - maybe you could take a course on entrepreneurship or open a savings account?

Sharing is caring

If the act of writing down a goal makes it 10 times more likely to happen, sharing your goals increases that likelihood even more. Sharing with your friends or family will help to keep you accountable and make sure that your goals are top of mind throughout the year.

Join the lululemon #goalsquad. Take a photo of your goal sheet and tag #18in18 or DM @lululemonUK
to see your goals come to life.
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